Avoid the perils of DIY gutter cleaning


Hispanic man climbing on to roof

Every day, Aussie homeowners climb ladders onto roofs to complete home maintenance jobs, like cleaning out gutters. Unfortunately, in worst cases, people are losing their life and thousands more are sustaining serious injuries from ladder related falls.

Each year, 19.4 Australian’s (mostly men) are fatally injured after falling from a ladder. The Australian National Coroners Information System also tells us that most of these fatalities are men over the age of 50 years old who are on a ladder completing non-occupational activities (i.e not at work). Approximately 34% of these deaths occur during home maintenance activities.

During the 5 year period between 2005 and 2010, 4,677 patients were admitted to Queensland hospitals with the reason “Falling on or from a ladder”, but this isn’t just happening in Queensland – we see similar results across the whole country.

Roof and Gutter maintenance are one of the key areas for maintenance on Australian homes. While some opt for a professional to come and complete maintenance, many don’t and take the DIY approach – putting themselves at risk of falls. Others take the “she’ll be right approach” and neglect to complete any sort of gutter maintenance. This can lead to not only blocked gutters and flooding; causing extensive damage to roof and ceiling areas, walls and floors, and destroying precious home contents, but damage to gutters; rusting and eventually requiring replacement. If leaves and debris build up in gutters, it can create the prefect haven for disease-carrying mosquitos in the stagnant, pooled water left behind – a risk for you and your family.

Installing a quality over-the-gutter gutter protection system ensures that gutters are kept leaf and debris free whilst minimising the frequency of required maintenance, thus reducing the risk of falls.