Avoiding unwelcome house guests

With summer almost upon us, pests such as snakes are coming out of hibernation looking for a new home. Unprotected gutters can be the perfect home for these pests. Not only can these critters block-up your gutters, but gutters also provide access to your roof space.

EDITORIAL NOVEMBER 2014 Avoiding unwelcome house guests

Some common pests found in gutters around Australia are:

  • Mosquitoes – Stagnant water that has pooled in gutters from leaf and debris blockages create the perfect breeding ground for these disease carrying insects.
  • Termites or “white ants” – When a worker termite finds a damp section on your home, they put down a scent directing other termites to the area. When gutters overflow, and water finds its way into your home, you run the risk of termites moving in and causing serious structural damage.
  • Possums – Possums move into roof spaces when it is time to nest and there is no suitable natural habitat nearby. Possums can be noisy and very difficult to remove once they have made a home and often require professional removal. Not only do possums live in roof spaces, but they can cause major damage by chewing through electrical wires that cause short circuiting and fires.
  • Rats and Mice – Unprotected gutters create a front door for rats and mice entering your home in search of food and shelter. Rats and mice can gnaw through roof and insulation material looking for food and possibly causing damage to your home. These creatures also create nests in the roof cavity and create a food source for other larger pests such as snakes.
  • Snakes – Snakes often enter your roof space via unprotected gutters looking for food such as rats and mice. Some snakes can be very dangerous to your family and pets and it can be very costly to have these pests removed by a professional.

Installing a quality steel gutter guard such as Blue Mountain Mesh will ensure that leaves and debris are blown off your roof and don’t sit inside your gutter. Blue Mountain Mesh steel gutter guard will also ensure that these pests can’t enter your gutters and roof cavity.