Bushfire Season for NSW tipped to be worse than last year

In the lead up to what is expected to be a long, dry summer, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) are urging homeowners in bushfire prone areas to be prepared as the 2014/15 bushfire season is expected to be earlier and worse than last year.

Last year’s bushfire season saw over 200 homes destroyed in the Blue Mountains alone, and the RFS has expressed concern that homeowners are not prepared for the 2014/15 season. Bushfire season officially started on Wednesday 1st October but we have already seen more than 50 grass and bushfires across NSW, suggesting that the season will start early and be a long season. The hot, dry conditions, in conjunction with less than average rainfall are ideal for bushfires and ember attack, and are amongst the worst conditions NSW has ever seen. There is also a risk of intensified conditions if an El Nino event occurs.

Over 1 million homes will be at risk throughout this bushfire season and everyone should be prepared. Research undertaken in bushfire devastated areas last year revealed that one in four homes didn’t have a bushfire survival plan. The NSW RFS is recommending that everyone implement a Bushfire Survival Plan.* The NSW RFS will endeavour to do everything they can when bushfires threaten, but homeowners need to do everything they can to prepare their homes.

Commissioner Greg Mullins, the Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner said “Embers from bushfires can travel great distances, across several streets or even up to 30 kilometres in the worst weather conditions and when they land they can start new fires”. Be prepared early this fire season: prepare your home, prepare yourself and develop a Bushfire Survival plan.

Bush Fire Survival Plan Cover_RFS & FB Crests
Image sourced from NSW Rural Fire Service