Changes to legislation regarding the installation of rainwater tanks for new dwellings within the Toowoomba Regional Council reticulated town water area

From 1st September 2014, all new class 1 buildings on a block of greater than 250m² and new class 5-9 commercial buildings will require rainwater tanks to be installed. Details on these changes can be found on the Toowoomba Regional Council website.

Maximise your investment and prevent leaves from entering your tank by installing a gutter guard

The most important part of any rainwater harvesting system is pre-filtration. By installing a quality gutter guard on your home, you will not only keep your gutters free from leaves, but you will ensure your rainwater system is debris free and minimise the maintenance required.

Blue Mountain Mesh steel gutter guard is a strong, custom made gutter solution that has been designed to shed leaves and debris whilst allowing sunlight and wind into the gutter so it dries out quickly after rain. Blue Mountain Mesh steel gutter guard is available in the full range of Colorbond® colours, fits all gutter profiles and can be adapted to suit all roof types – a seamless addition to your house.

Blue Mountain Mesh uses the ski-slope design that forms a barrier from the roof sheet, over the gutter and is secured to the outside edge of the gutter. This type of gutter guard is far superior to other types of gutter guard such as gutter coils, foams or brushes that will still allow leaves and debris to get caught inside the gutter.

Blue Mountain mesh is available in four different types;

+   2mm Steel Superfine mesh – perfect for roofs that must be ember guard compliant and/or keeping fine leaves and small debris out of the gutters and your rainwater harvesting system

+   4mm Steel Super mesh – ideal for providing extra protection against hail and flooding rains during hailstorms whilst also ensuring the leaves and debris do not enter the gutter

+   5.4mm Steel Standard mesh – the strong steel mesh ensures pests do not enter the gutters and roof space and also keeps large leaves and debris from entering the gutter

+   4mm aluminium mesh – a flexible and ready-made gutter solution that minimises the entry of leaves and nuts into the gutters.

No gutter guard is completely maintenance free, but by installing Blue Mountain Mesh, you will significantly reduce the amount of maintenance that is required.

Within the Toowoomba area, the high rainfall – particularly during the summer months – means that collecting and harvesting rainwater will not only save you money, but will also allow you to contribute to a sustainable community.

More information about the Toowoomba Regional Council changes in legislation can be found on the Toowoomba Regional Council website.

14th July 2014