About Blue Mountain Mesh

Born out of fire

The inspiration behind Blue Mountain Mesh’s all-steel gutter mesh came from the most tragic circumstances: watching a man trying in vain to save his family home from a savage bushfire, fuelled by an abundance of leaves and debris in the home’s gutters.

As the man struggled to put out the flames that had erupted in the roof gutters of his home, extreme gusts of wind blew more burning embers onto his roof.  The build up of leaves and debris in the gutters provided an abundance of fuel, and his efforts to extinguish the fire with his garden hose were futile. Whilst none of his family were injured in the blaze, the home and all belongings were lost. 

The result was Blue Mountain Gutter Mesh, an all steel, fire proof, gutter mesh system that suspends leaves and debris above the roof gutter preventing any build up.  Blue Mountain Gutter Mesh protects the home, reduces maintenance and improves the quality of rainwater collected and stored in water tanks.

Blue Mountain Mesh products prevent leaves and debris from entering gutters and downpipes. The all steel, fire resistant gutter mesh minimises gutter maintenance and improves the quality of rain water collected for tanks. The proprietary hot dipped zinc coated and oven baked manufacturing process offers superior corrosion and heat resistance, providing superior protection for homes over the longer term.

Blue Mountain Mesh, Australian owned

Blue Mountain Mesh, part of Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd is an Australian company driven to create unique products to support the water industry.  Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd is committed to the design, manufacture and distribution of a diversified range of products in both Australian and international markets to help people make the most of their water assets.  Blue Mountain Mesh has been manufactured and installed here in Australia for approximately 20 years.

At Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd our diversified portfolio of brands includes :

+ Blue Mountain Mesh – Steel and Aluminium gutter protection products

+ Rain Harvesting – Rainwater harvesting filtration devices and accessories

+ Vincent Flow Products – Tap washers and jumper valves for taps and water meters

+ 421 Products – A full range of signage, pipemarkers and underground tape products

+ Every Little Drop – water metering products for the home

For your complete Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd catalogue please download here “Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd Corporate Catalogue 2015

We are a privately owned Australian family business and we are proud of it.  We always strive to do the right thing by our partners and our customers.  For us this means relentlessly pursuing product innovation, delivering superior products, great service and a focus on the complete product buying cycle.