Ember Guard

Picture : Michael Roper, Jan 2005

Picture : Michael Roper, Jan 2005

Recent bushfire devastation has made more of us consider our front line of defence, in the event of fire.  However, removing leaf litter from gutters with a ladder, is not just risky, it’s not a long term solution.


Research has shown that the main cause of house fire during a bushfire is from ember attack. Over 85% of fires that destroy homes are started this way, despite the long held view that house fires start by direct flame contact by the bush fire front (CFA 2010).


Ember attack occurs when burning parts of trees (e.g. twigs, branches, leaves) are carried by winds in a cluster. Embers can range from tiny sub millimetre sparks to large inch sized chunks, which lodge in gutters, get under doorways, enter roof spaces or windows and start internal fires. The movements of embers from a bushfire are the primary cause of spot fires, which contribute to the continued spread of a bushfire. Ember attack can occur for up to 30 minutes before the bushfire front passes a given house and over distances greater than 100 metres from the fire front.

Ember Guard by Blue Mountain Mesh acts like a year-round, fire protection policy for your biggest asset. It prevents leaves collecting in gutters, and stops airborne embers from gaining a footing in your roof space.  Are your gutters clear of danger?


If you have even a flicker of doubt, don’t wait. Call Blue Mountain Mesh and ask for ember guard today on 1800 612 908