Experts are warning it could be an early and harsh bushfire season ahead

We’re being warned not to become complacent after recent, much welcomed rains across most of the east coast of Australia.   Although we received some much needed rain, the bushfire season ahead is still being tipped to start earlier than normal and with an above-average fire risk.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons recently warned during an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, “We’re expecting what’s described as an ‘above normal’ sort of season … not withstanding this welcome relief we’ve received [from rain] … we’ve had a particularly dry spell in recent months”.

Protect your home this bush-fire seasonAccording to Shane Fitzsimmons, some recent fires have started and spread quickly and easily due to vegetation and the landscape being so dry; add to that strong winds and the fires spread quite quickly, without even adding hot weather into the mix.

The Commissioner is encouraging home owners, “now it’s really important for people in fire-prone areas to actually have a plan, have a conversation with the family, prepare the home and know what they’re going to do when threatened by fire. Preparation is the key.”

This signals a strong warning to all home owners living in bushland or bushfire-prone areas to be prepared; now’s the time to prepare their home and put protection measures in place to protect their home from the risk of ember attack during the earlier than normal predicted bushfire season.

Ember attack can be a very real threat for home owners in bushland areas, with over 85% of bushfire-generated house fires starting from flying embers. One of the largest risk points for ember attack on a home can be the gutters; if left unprotected, the gutters of a home have been found to be a major entry point for flying embers to enter up into the roof cavity of the home and start a fire in the roof. With an early bushfire season ahead, experts are recommending preparing your home and your bushfire plans earlier than normal.

Home owners are being encouraged to download the RFS Bushfire Survival Plan and make their plans and preparations – the time to prepare is now. For more information about how to prepare your home for this upcoming bushfire season visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website.