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There’s a lot to consider when choosing and installing a gutter guard. It’s important to have correct information so you can make the right choices.

With so many different roofing products and materials on the market, you need to be sure what works with what. Tech Talk can help with technical questions and product order queries, and even help you find bespoke installation solutions for more complex jobs.

My client has a flat sheet roof, what’s best to install?
What is the specific install method for a Trimdek® roof?
Which products do I need to achieve ember guard
AS 3959-2009 & 2011 amendment) compliance?

How can Tech Talk help you?

+ Practical information, expert advice
+ In-house technical experts with 13 years’ product experience
+ Solutions for all residential and commercial applications
+ Available at any stage of ordering or installation process
+ Quick turnaround
+ Australia-wide

Blue Mountain Mesh steel gutter guard solutions are compatible with all roof types (including corrugated, tile, Trimdek®, Bullnose, Longspan, Spandek® and Decramastic). Tech Talk can help specify which mesh, trim, screws, profiles and/or tile clips will work best for your job, and installation methods for each.

If you’ve got a question about gutter protection, ask Tech Talk and we’ll find the answer for you – fast.

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