Home owners warned to prepare for bushfire season

With bushfire season approaching experts are warning Australian homeowners to protect their roofs from fire fuelling debris well before the fires arrive. This year, temperatures are expected to be well above average, and the hot, dry conditions bring a higher risk of more extreme bushfires throughout the whole of Australia. Each summer Australians are advised to clear roof gutters of leaves and branches prior to fire season so they don’t catch fire from jumping flames and ember attack.


This year home owners are urged to go one step further and make sure the debris never rests in their gutters in the first place by installing a gutter guard or ember guard. Those building new homes or doing major renovations in a bushfire zone (Bushfire Attack Level – BAL) are required to be ember guard compliant by installing a mesh or perforated sheet with a maximum aperture of 2mm, made of corrosion-resistant steel, bronze or aluminium* to all openings 3mm or greater as stated in Australian Standard AS3959:2009/Amdt 2011.

Blue Mountain Mesh gutter guard and ember guard is made from heat and flame resistant materials which are attached to the outside edge of the gutter and secured to the roof, creating a platform that helps to prevent leaves and debris from building up in the roof gutter. This allows highly flammable materials such as dry leaves to be blown away instead of being lodged in gutters. Blue Mountain Mesh Superfine mesh has an aperture of 2mm to ensure fine embers do not become lodged in the gutter which can cause spot fires and engulf the building.

Homeowners can also protect their homes by installing fire plugs to downpipes which when activated allow gutters to be filled with water. The water filled downpipes are also able to withstand high heat and flames.

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*New homes or major renovations in BAL-40 or BAL-FZ must install a mesh or perforated sheet with a maximum aperture of 2mm, made of corrosion-resistant steel or bronze. Aluminium is not a suitable material for these BALs.