How gutter guards can save you money and your life

EDITORIAL NOVEMBER 2014 How gutter guards can save you money and  your li...

One of the main areas of maintenance on an Australian family home is the roof and gutters. Constant gutter maintenance can become costly and needs to be carried out multiple times a year. When it comes to gutter cleaning, most Australians tend to fall into two camps – “out of sight, out of mind” no maintenance approach or the DIY approach.

Installing an over the gutter system gutter guard, such as Blue Mountain Mesh, significantly reduces the amount of leaf litter and debris build-up in the gutters – this reduces the amount of maintenance required. Blocked gutters can be caused by a number of issues: a build-up of leaves getting blown off the roof and into the gutter, moss build up, grass/plants growing in the gutter, or pests including possums or birds making nests in the gutters. All these things can lead to stopping water flow in your gutters and the onset of problems. Blocked gutters can cause extensive damaged from flooding and also cause serious corrosion of gutters, shortening the life of your gutter and requiring gutter replacement. These costs quickly add up and often exceed the cost of installing a quality gutter guard.

Although the initial costs of installing gutter guard can be substantial, the ongoing costs are significantly lower, and you will feel it in your back pocket in just a few years. The average Australian home, without gutter guard, requires cleaning four times a year on average(approx. $1000 per year), while the same home with gutter guard installed, only requires cleaning once a year on average (approx. $250 per year). For those who take the DIY route and climb up a ladder and on to the roof to clean out and maintain gutters, the risk of falls causing serious injury and death, is significant. On average, 19.4 Australians (mostly men at or near retirement age) die from falling from a ladder each year, while many others sustain serious injuries.

It only takes one leaf too many to clog a gutter and cause you a serious problem; don’t let one leaf end up costing you thousands in damages to your most important assets – your health and your home.