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After the Royal Commission into the 2009 Victoria Black Saturday bushfires, the Australian Standard AS3959-2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas was updated. Be aware of the changes when building in a bushfire prone area. Research showed over 85% of homes burn down due to ember attack during a bushfire. This is where houses ignite and burn due to wind borne embers as opposed to direct flame contact by the bushfire front.

The Standard is primarily concerned with improving the ability of buildings in designated bushfire-prone areas to better withstand attack from bushfire and specifically, ember attack.

Ember attack can occur over distances greater than 100m from the fire front

Ember attack occurs when burning parts of trees (e.g. twigs, branches, leaves) are carried by winds in a cluster

In 2011 an amendment (AS3959-2009/Amdt2011) was made specific to ember guards. It requires that any gaps around the house greater than 3mm need to be sealed; an option is a mesh or perforated sheet with a maximum aperture of 2mm.

An ember guard is not specifically designed to act as a gutter guard, but Blue Mountain Mesh 2mm Super Fine Gutter Mesh is not only a high quality steel gutter guard custom-made in COLORBOND® colours to suit any roof type, but also meets the Standard to act as an ember guard for gutters.