More wild weather expected this summer – protect your home during storm season

Storm Clouds over Breakfast Creek

Australians are advised to prepare for wild weather this summer with temperatures increasing and a drier than normal summer over much of the country. With the increased temperature, comes the threat of large storms.

One large cause of damage to a home during a storm is due to blocked gutters. Under normal circumstances, gutters collect the rain water that falls on your roof and direct it away from your house into a drainage or storage system. When gutters become blocked from fallen leaves, branches, dirt and debris, the gutters can’t take the water away, the way they are designed to, and often end up overflowing during heavy rain and storms. This can lead to flooding; water entering the house by overflowing over the back of the gutter into eaves and ceiling cavities, overflowing onto verandas, terraces and stair slabs and flowing into the downstairs rooms or causing drainage problems for the homeowner and adjacent properties.

Unfortunately, blocked gutters are difficult to spot from the ground, and you often don’t know you have a problem until it’s too late – in the middle of a storm or heavy rainfall when it is often too wet and dangerous to climb on the roof to clear out the blockage. Preparing your home before the storm is the ideal option. Install a high quality, steel, over-the-gutter gutter protection system with a ski-slope design such as Blue Mountain Mesh to ensure leaves and debris don’t enter your gutters in the first place. The strength of a steel gutter guard ensures your home is protected against extreme rain events and hail stones. Homeowners who have installed gutter protection say that the guard prevents gutters from becoming blocked and they have peace of mind knowing they are protected from the risks of property damage, and more serious personal threats, at any time of year but particularly during storms.

Do it right the first time and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with leaf free gutters.