Roof valley full of leaves

Prepare your property for Bushfire Season

A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bush fire.

Even if your plan is to leave early, the more you prepare your home, the more likely it will survive a bush fire or ember attack. A well prepared home can also be easier for you or firefighters to defend, and is less likely to put your neighbours’ homes at risk. A well prepared home will also give you more protection if a fire threatens suddenly and you cannot leave.

Here are some basic maintenance tips to prepare your property:

+ Clean your gutters of leaves and twigs
+ Install metal gutter guards
+ Repair damaged or missing tiles on the roof
+ Install fine metal mesh screens on windows and doors
+ Fit seals around doors and windows to eliminate gaps
+ Enclose the areas under the house
+ Repair or cover gaps in external walls
+ Attach a fire sprinkler system to gutters
+ Keep lawns short and gardens well maintained
+ Cut back trees and shrubs overhanging buildings
+ Clean up fallen leaves, twigs and debris around the property
+ Have hoses long enough to reach around your house
+ If you have a pool, tank or dam, put a Static Water Supply (SWS) sign on your property entrance, so firefighters know where they can get water
+ Check and maintain adequate levels of home and contents insurance. Ensure it is up to date.

Source: NSW Rural Fire Service