Aluminium Gutter Guard 4mm

Blue Mountain Mesh 4mm aluminium gutter guard

Blue Mountain Mesh 4mm aluminium gutter guard is designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering gutters and downpipes.  Particularly suited to situations where a building has native trees, like gums nearby that drop not just leaves but also nuts;  the aperture of Blue Mountain Mesh 4mm aluminium gutter guard, assists in minimising the entry of leaves and gum nuts into a buildings gutters.

The mesh fits from the outside edge of the gutter across the gutter section and then is attached to the roof surface. This creates a platform that suspends leaves and debris above the roof gutter, allowing the majority of material build-up to be blown away by wind action.

The aluminium, non-combustible mesh gutter guard minimises gutter maintenance and improves the quality of rain water collected for tanks.

4mm Aluminium Blue Mountain Mesh installed with Saddles

Important facts

Flexible, ready made gutter solution
Available in the popular COLORBOND® steel range colours
Suits only corrugated, tile and Trimdek® or Monoclad® roof types
Colour screws match the most popular COLORBOND® steel range colours and comply with AS2331.1 and Surefastener Certification Scheme technical specification
Easy to install
Designed to shed leaves and debris whilst allowing sunlight and wind into the gutter so it dries out quickly after rain.