Rain Harvesting Fire Plug

Bushfires can advance at the frightening pace of up to 80 kilometres an hour.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, to get a head start on fire prevention – pick up the affordable, easy to install Fire Plug, by Rain Harvesting!

Fire Plugs let you quickly fill your gutters with water, strengthening them to withstand high temperatures and flames, and preventing embers catching alight and spreading to your roof space.

Install a fire plug today and protect your greatest asset from the worst case scenario.  Find Rain Harvesting Fire Plugs now, at a leading plumbing or hardware store near you.

Fire Plug from Rain Harvesting


  • Innovative fire safety devices which allow roof gutters to be filled with water when bushfires threaten.
  • Fitted into downpipes around the home at waist height, Fire Plugs are easily converted to block off the downpipe.
  • No ladder climbing – simply connect the hose to the water supply and turn on to fill roof gutters and prevent wind blown embers igniting leaves or debris in the roof gutters.
  • Fire Plugs come in kit form and are easily fitted to PVC downpipes, which withstand exceptionally high heat and flames when filled with water.
  • Fire Plugs can also be used throughout the year to redirect rainwater to the swimming pool, pond or garden.
  • Kit includes – 1 x PVC Gutter Outlet, 1 x Fire Plug Tap Valve, 1 x Sliding Gate Valve, 2 x 90mm Brackets

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