Top 6 reasons to install a gutter guard

Without a quality gutter protection system in place, you could be putting your home, and your safety, at risk.

Here’s the Top 6 reasons to install a gutter guard :

  1. Ensure debris-free gutters
    A build-up of unwanted leaves and other debris in the gutters of your home can cause serious maintenance issues. It can lead to an increased risk of flooding, as well as pest and vermin infestation.
  1. Low maintenance
    Unprotected gutters require more frequent cleaning, which can be time consuming, and potentially unsafe. Installing a quality gutter protection system prevents debris and leaves from accumulating in the first place – significantly improving the overall safety and performance of your gutter system.
  1. Protect against pests
    Unprotected gutters can provide a convenient entry point to your warm and inviting roof space, which then becomes a nesting site and food source for a host of common household pests such as birds, possums, rats, mice and snakes.
  1. Avoid floods and water damage
    With a quality gutter guard installed, your gutters are able to transport rainwater the way they’re designed to, significantly reducing the risk of flooding in storms and heavy rain, as well as the likelihood of damage to your walls and ceilings if your home were to flood.
  1. Protect your home from ember attack
    Ember attack is where sparks and embers landing on your home trigger a fire, well before and hours after a bushfire has passed. As well as acting as a gutter guard, a 2mm super fine steel mesh acts as an ember guard, by preventing embers from entering your roof cavity.
  1. Improve water quality
    If you have a rainwater harvesting system, installing a gutter guard is vital – to ensure clean, usable water. By keeping gutters free from leaves and debris, you also minimise wastage, and collect the greatest possible volume.