Rust and Corrosion

Blue Mountain Mesh superior corrosion resistance

The harsh Australian environment really puts building materials to the test. The effects of extreme heat, storms, bushfire and living in coastal environments means architects, builders, property owners and tradespeople are all looking for materials that can withstand all kinds of environmental pressures.

Steel is a material that many people look to when choosing a gutter guard, because it is durable, cost effective and looks the part. Because once you’ve built a home, you need to look after it – protecting your investment and making the task of maintaining your property easier. Building a home needs to consider the whole life cycle of the building. A home that takes in its environment, is designed and built to perform efficiently, and minimise maintenance is important to maximise your long term investment.


Cross section of Blue Mountain Mesh – showing the layers of strength the product is made of

Not all steel gutter guards are created equal, and their difference comes from the way they are manufactured.  Blue Mountain Mesh is manufactured by weaving and welding steel to form a mesh, before it is put through a process of hot dipped zinc coating, priming, painting and oven baking to deliver a coating thickness that provides superior corrosion resistance.

All the edges on Blue Mountain Mesh are covered in the manufacturing process. Unlike other steel mesh, there are no concerns regarding cut edges as the mesh itself is formed using base wire, galvanised steel, primer and paint. These layers provide additional protection to the base wire, provided that each layer is evenly distributed and properly sealed. This is an advanced manufacturing process that, combined with proper installation methods, affords the highest level of gutter protection.

How long will steel mesh gutter guard last ?


Anyone considering installing a gutter guard at their home will ask the same question. How long will this product last?   Of course, their concern relates to how well they will be protected for their investment. Not all manufacturers will know the answer to this question, despite offering warranties between 10 and 25 years for their products.

Blue Mountain Mesh has commissioned independent tests through UniQuest and the CSIRO to support their claims that their All Steel mesh products meet relevant Australian Standards around zinc coating, corrosion, blistering and cracking; and to give homeowners, retailers, installers and other industry professionals confidence around the longevity of the all steel product.

Blue Mountain Mesh has produced a series of free information guides.  Click here to download the latest information guide on how to protect the gutters of your home against corrosion.


Corrosion Resistance Information Guide