Unprotected gutters require more frequent cleaning, which can be time consuming, and potentially unsafe.  Blue Mountain Mesh gutter protection prevents debris and leaves from accumulating in the first place – significantly improving the overall safety and performance of your gutter system.

No gutter protection system is completely maintenance free; you will still need to check your gutters regularly and flush out the sludge that can damage your gutters if not cleaned out. However, installing Blue Mountain Mesh gutter guards greatly reduces the number of times you’ll need to clean your gutters.

Avoid the perils of DIY gutter cleaning

Every day, Aussie homeowners are climbing ladders to do routine home maintenance jobs, like cleaning out gutters. Unfortunately, thousands of people are sustaining serious injuries from ladder related falls. In the worst cases, people are losing their life as a result.

Blocked gutters can lead to flooding, causing extensive damage to roof and ceiling areas, walls and floors, and destroying precious home contents. They can also lead to pest infestation and pose a fire risk due to a build up of debris in the gutters.


Gutter cleaning may seem like a routine home maintenance task – but combine a ladder, various tools (buckets, hoses, leaf blowers), inappropriate safety equipment and a strenuous activity that involves climbing, carrying and reaching – it’s not hard to see how falls that can result in serious injuries for homeowners are on the rise.

Carrying out the work yourself can be a false economy if you get hurt, find yourself in hospital and unable to go to work. Consider your other options like installing gutter guards on your home. You will reap the rewards very quickly – extending the life of your gutters; protecting the value of your home; and avoiding damage through water intrusion, pests and fire. The list of benefits is long – but surely the biggest benefit of all is your safety, health and well-being.

Even with gutter guards, you will still have to check and clean your gutters so consider outsourcing the job wherever possible.

Gutter Guards – a safe and cost effective solution

If we accept that the gutters still have to be cleaned, is there is a safer, more cost effective way to address this task? As part of their study, the VISU researchers made a number of recommendations to prevent injuries and fatalities from falls around the home. They recommend removing the need to access heights where possible, for example, installing gutter guards (gutter mesh) to reduce the ladder use around the home (VISU 2006).

Installing gutter guards can greatly reduce the maintenance activity spent on the roof and gutter and eliminate the need to work at height several times a year to clear blocked gutters. It provides a long term solution by preventing debris from entering the gutter in the first place. No gutter guard system is maintenance free; however, installing gutter guards greatly reduces the number of times you’ll need to access the roof and gutter for cleaning and maintenance – reducing your exposure to ladders and possible falls.

Save on regular gutter cleaning

How often should you clean your gutters? It really depends on your property.

Do you live in a leafy suburb? Is your home surrounded by trees? If the answer is yes, you may find yourself needing to clean your gutters every three months to prevent them getting clogged with leaves and debris.  However, even regular cleaning has inherent risks and can still fail.  A significant storm event or even a few days of windy weather can deposit significant debris onto the roof and gutter, causing blockages. If followed by heavy rain, enormous amounts of water can back up onto the roof, run down behind sidings and flashings, and penetrate to interior walls.

Blue Mountain Mesh has produced a series of free information guides.  Click here to download the latest information guide on how to protect your home against pests accessing your roof cavity via your gutters.


Avoid The Risk of Falls Information Guide