Strength & Longevity

The strength of steel will outlast and outperform other materials.  It provides the surest defence against ember attack, hail storms and pest intrusion.

Importantly, it’s also non-combustible and corrosion resistant, and the quality of our range is guaranteed via independent tests by Uniquest and CSIRO.

Blue Mountain Mesh is built to last.  Our tough, hot-dipped galvanised steel is specifically built for strength and durability and comes with a 12 year guarantee.

Blue Mountain Mesh – the strength of steel

The strength of Blue Mountain Mesh is in its anti-corrosion properties and this is achieved through the use of hot dipped galvanised (zinc coated) steel, which is primed, spray painted and baked.  These layers provide added protection to the base wire but only if each layer is evenly distributed and properly sealed.  To prove that Blue Mountain Mesh maintains a consistent thickness across all of its coatings, the University of Queensland conducted a High Resolution Microscopy/Photography test.  What this test found was that wire diameter of Blue Mountain Mesh steel mesh was “very consistent”. The results also showed that in almost all cases all coatings seemed “continuous and well bound”.  Furthermore it was revealed that the primer layer was very effective and the topcoat of the paint was continuous over the primer.  These qualities, which are achieved through Blue Mountain Mesh’s advanced manufacturing processes, highlight why it is a leader in superior gutter protection.

Blue Mountain Mesh – the longevity of steel

Blue Mountain Mesh also commissioned further tests, conducted by the University of Queensland utilising a state of the art weathering machine.  The machine is capable of creating a highly flexible mix of UV light, temperature and moisture conditions which are intended to reproduce the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew.  In a few days or weeks, the test can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.  Blue Mountain Mesh samples were placed in the machine and subjected to UV light and salt spray exposure over a period equivalent to 12 years outdoors.  During this time the mesh was monitored and the results were recorded.

Blue Mountain Mesh has been proven to withstand the harsh Australian elements.  Independent tests conducted by the University of Queensland found that after the equivalent of 12 years exposure to UV light and salt spray, there was no evidence of corrosion of the Blue Mountain Mesh all steel mesh.  These results reinforce Blue Mountain Mesh’s overall confidence in its product, for which it offers a 12 year guarantee.

The quality of Blue Mountain Mesh is in the way it is made and that it utilises hot dipped, galvanised (zinc coated) steel.  According to the results there was “no evidence of failure (corrosion of iron).”  This is because the zinc coating provided the base wire with a protective barrier.  What the results also revealed was that the galvanised steel became encrusted with zinc oxides, appearing as a whitish film.  The good news is that it is the formation of this film that gives zinc its superior anti-corrosion qualities.