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Gutter Mesh features

Risks and needs vary from property to property and place to place, so we’ve developed and tested an extensive range of gutter mesh features to provide a long lasting solution that’s suitable for every property.

Here are some of the features of our gutter mesh:


Strength and Durability

The roof is a torrid place, prone to so many challenging weather conditions and events.  At Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh, we conduct rigorous tests designed to imitate real-world applications of our Steel and Aluminium gutter mesh to ensure the strength and durability of our products.


Kits & Componentry

The unique suite of kits and componentry developed by Blue Mountain Co is the reason our gutter mesh can be fitted to an array of roof types. It’s also the reason our Steel and Aluminium mesh can blend in so easily with your property’s architecture.


Solutions for Almost Any Roof

With clean lines and a variety of colour options, our range is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The only thing you (or anyone else) will really notice from the street is just how clean your gutters are compared to your neighbours’!


Custom Solutions

Our standard mesh componentry and fixtures fit most roof angles and types, but we can also produce custom fixtures to fit your roof’s unique profile or materials. Our custom fixtures are always practical, elegant and can manufactured in custom colours, with custom sized mesh so they’ll not only secure your mesh to your roof and gutters – they’ll also blend in with your building’s design, lines and shape.


Expert Advice 

Our Gutter Mesh specialists have the experience and technical knowledge necessary to help you make the right Gutter Mesh decision that addresses your needs and environment. This tailored, in-depth free professional service is available for both new and existing systems. Contact the gutter mesh specialists today for expert advice on choosing the right mesh for you or to find your nearest retailer or installer.

Introducing Mesh Matcher

Every environment and roof is different. Use our Mesh Matcher tool to find the right Gutter Mesh for you.

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