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Do you have a tricky roof or unusual gutters? Need help measuring your roof?

Blue Mountain Co is able to design and manufacture customised gutter mesh solutions for almost any property.


Custom sizes

Where necessary, we can manufacture different widths of mesh to suit your property’s practical and design needs. For example, you may need wider mesh for wide box gutters or low-profile roofs. Because this is an area not every designer is familiar with, we’re happy to advise you on the optimal width for your roof and gutter design.

Custom Solution

Custom design

Sometimes, gutter mesh installations are complicated by your roof or gutter design. To overcome this challenge, we can develop tailored gutter mesh solutions and installation methods for your building. This may be necessary if you have a non-standard roof or gutters and you need facilitate installation on awkward materials or avoid corrosion from mixed metals.

Gutter Mesh
Design Service

We'll help you choose the right gutter mesh for you - for free!

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