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Expert advice

Our Gutter Mesh specialists have the experience and technical knowledge necessary to help you make the right Gutter Mesh decision that addresses your needs and environment. This tailored, in-depth free professional service is available for both new and existing systems.

All our tools and resources are designed to help you make the right gutter mesh decision.  Explore our range of online tools below, which make it easy to assess your needs, select the right gutter mesh and configure your kit.

Mesh Matcher@2x

 Mesh Matcher ®

Our online tool makes it easy to select the right mesh for your property.
Just answer six simple questions about your location, preferences and needs to find the right mesh for you.

Specification advice

Factors affecting your gutters come in many shapes and sizes. Vegetation that glides off a well-chosen mesh may pass through or get stuck on less suitable options. The weight of a possum, a build up of snow or the impact or hail might all damage a well installed mesh, if it is not suited to these conditions.

A well specified mesh can make all the difference in the durability and condition of your gutters and downpipes. Ask for our specification design service advice today to ensure you are choosing the right mesh for your property.

Mask Group 110@2x
Mesh Matcher

# Find a code tool

The Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh range covers a myriad of roof types, mesh apertures and componentry however, identifying your chosen mesh code is still easy.

Use our code finder tool below.

Get a Quote Tool

Save time and effort and make ordering easy with the Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh Quote Tool. Input the steel or aluminium mesh you require, specify your colours and roof type and take away a one-page PDF listing everything you need. 


Gutter Mesh
Design Service

We'll help you choose the right gutter mesh for you - for free!

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