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Solutions for
almost any roof

With clean lines and a variety of colour options, our range is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The only thing you (or anyone else) will really notice from the street is just how clean your gutters are compared to your neighbours’!

Our gutter mesh can be easily fitted to almost any roof type and feature. If we don’t already have a solution for you, we can create one.

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Common roof types can include:

  • Corrugated
  • Flat tile
  • High profile tile (e.g Tuscan)
  • Trimdek® / Monoclad®
  • Klip-lok® / Metlok®
  • Spandek®
  • Longspan®

Comprehensive colour range

Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh and componentry come in an extensive range of COLORBOND® and tile colours to suit a wide range of properties.

If you can’t find the colour you’re looking for, speak to us about custom colour options.

Comprehensive Colour Range Green House With Blue Mountain Mesh Installed

†Sandbank®, Loft® and Galvanised are only available for Steel Gutter Mesh
Note: Zinc and Galvanised are supplied with Shale Grey™ mesh

*Colour matched aluminium mesh

  • Zinc (Zinc componentry with Shale Grey™ aluminium mesh)
  • Bushland® (Bushland® componentry with Windspray® aluminium mesh)
  • Wilderness® (Wilderness® componentry with Pale Eucalypt® aluminium mesh).

**Only available to suit tile gutter and valleys in 10m & 30m rolls.

Trimdek®, Spandek®, Klip-lok®, COLORBOND® and all colour names used are registered trademarks and ™ colour names are trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited. Monoclad® and Longspan® are registered trademarks of Stramit Corporation Pty Limited. Metlok® is a registered trademark of Metroll Pty Limited. Superdek® is a registered trade mark of Stratco (Australia) Pty Limited.

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