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& durability

The roof is a torrid place, prone to many challenging weather conditions and events.

Damaged gutter mesh is as bad as having no gutter mesh at all, so it’s important to consider your strength requirements in order to choose an appropriate mesh for your location.

We conducted a number of independent, laboratory-based tests on our gutter mesh to measure their strength in different ways.

142 4mm Puncture Test

Puncture resistance

Puncture from hailstones or falling debris and branches can render your gutter mesh unfit for purpose.

We tested the puncture resistance of our gutter mesh range and our steel mesh demonstrated superior strength and durability.  Simulated hail and tree branch impact testing delivered the same results and confirmed that steel mesh is best able to handle high impacts and punctures.

Note: A Newton is a measure of force / gravity. 1 Newton = 0.102kg


Load-bearing capacity and tear resistance

Your gutter mesh may sometimes need to bear loads such as accumulated hail, snow, tree debris and heavy animals.

In a gutter mesh installation, the connections to the gutter represent the points of greatest vulnerability.

We tested our gutter mesh installed with different gutter componentry and steadily increased the weight on the mesh until it broke or tore from its fastenings.

Our steel gutter mesh demonstrated superior results across all tests. Using the Mesh Lock gutter trim significantly increased the strength of all gutter mesh, most notably aluminium.


If hail, snow, heavy animals or overhanging trees are a problem in your area – or you just want the strongest mesh there is – then the superior strength of steel gutter mesh may be the decisive factor for you.

We would recommend always installing your gutter mesh using the Mesh Lock gutter trim to ensure you maximise strength and durability.

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