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Why gutter mesh for building professionals?

Correctly specified gutter mesh can deliver a range of benefits for your building, budget and business.

By guarding against leaves, flooding, pests, bushfire and workplace accidents, gutter mesh reduces the cost and safety burden of ongoing maintenance and protects your building and contents from damage.

As a flow-on from this, it also helps to ensure your building is cost–efficient to own and maintain — and that it remains fully operational whatever the weather.

Ultimately, by lowering your costs, reducing your risks and improving your building’s protection, gutter mesh offers an excellent return on investment and years of hassle-free gutters.

Gutter mesh is suitable for protecting and enhancing many types of buildings, including:

Retail – Educational – Office – Industrial – Government – Hotel – Healthcare – Retirement Living – Transportation – Warehouse

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Reduce your maintenance burden

The cost of maintaining the gutters on your commercial or large-scale property can be considerable – especially if it’s a task that requires regular attention.

Gutter cleaning around big buildings often involves specialised equipment and represents a huge drain on time for your maintenance or asset management staff (or a huge bill if you use external service providers).

Unfortunately, abandoning maintenance is not a viable alternative, as unmaintained gutters are often subject to premature ageing and corrosion and can cause considerable damage to your building from blockages and flooding, leading to further costs, disruptions and wasted time.

By keeping your gutters leaf- and debris- free, correctly specified gutter mesh significantly reduces your maintenance burden so you can spend considerably less time and money on gutter cleaning.

Case Study 1

The Southport School

Reduced maintenance activities and workplace health & safety risks

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USQ Case Study 1

Protect against flood damage, costs & disruption

Gutters clogged with leaves, debris, nests, dead animals and litter can overflow and flood your building, disrupting your operational continuity and causing extensive damage to your walls, ceilings, floors and contents.

Flooding clean-up costs and the expense of repairing or replacing stock, equipment, fixtures and fittings can quickly add up, while lost revenue opportunities during the clean-up represent a further drain on your resources.

Even with insurance, the hassle and wasted time associated with flood damage is something every building owner and manager would rather avoid.

By keeping leaves and other natural and man made debris out of your gutters, gutter mesh protects your building against flood damage, costs and disruption, saving you time and money and reducing the burden of preventative maintenance.

Case Study 2

USQ – University of Southern Queensland

Dramatically reduced maintenance to avoid overflow flooding

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Scaffolding Installation

Lower your WHS exposure

Falls from height – including from ladders and roofs – remain one of the most common causes of work-related death and injury in Australia.

As an “at-height” activity, gutter maintenance poses a significant workplace health and safety (WHS) risk for your building, with a human and financial cost no organisation or building manager wants to bear.

Managing and minimising this risk is vital if you want to create a safer workplace. It’s also a legal requirement in every Australian state, as “a person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must manage risks to health and safety associated with a fall by a person from one level to another that is reasonably likely to cause injury to the person or any other person”.

By reducing the need for gutter maintenance, gutter mesh lowers your WHS exposure and helps to keep your maintenance employees or contractors safe.

  • From mid-2003 to mid-2011, 232 workers were killed following a fall from height.
  • Over 25% of ladder fall deaths and 50% of roof fall deaths during this time occurred at commercial premises, industrial premises and schools.
  • Nearly 4,000 serious ladder-related workers’ compensation claims were lodged in 2009-11.
  • Fines for businesses that ignore working at height legislation can exceed $60,000.

WorkSafe Victoria advises redesigning your workplace or the work task to minimise the need for people to perform the work at height.

Manage Damage, Information Sheet: National Working at Heights Requirements, 2017.  Safe Work Australia, Work-Related Injuries and Fatalities Involving a Fall from Height, Australia, 2013.  WorkSafe Victoria,, 2017.
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Murdoch Uni 02 2010

Defend your building against bushfire & ember attack

The catastrophic cost of bushfire in both human and financial terms is an all too- familiar reality in Australia.
Australian Standards have been designed to increase the ability of our properties to withstand attack from bushfires, but it’s up to us to understand and comply with the requirements, make informed decisions and take action to make our properties safe.

Case Study 3

Murdoch University, Perth WA

Reducing fire threat, maintenance flood issues

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Prevent pest-related damage, costs & disruption

Animals are bad for buildings, bad for business and bad for your budget.

Possums, snakes, rats, birds and other pests can clog your gutters with their nests, discarded food and even their own carcasses, leading to expensive flood damage and disruption to your day-to-day operations. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Pests that enter your roof cavities and wall spaces via your gutters can quickly establish nests and create infestations. In addition to the expense of removal, these pest infestations can ruin your reputation, alienate customers or tenants and even lead to the loss of operating licenses in industries such as hospitality, catering and accommodation.

By keeping animals out of your gutters, gutter mesh helps prevent infestations and the damage, cost and disruption that can accompany pests in your roof or wall cavities.

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Plastic Bag Branch

Reduce the hassle & danger of litter removal

As any building owner or manager at a school, sports club, hotel or mall knows, leaves aren’t the only things that can clog your gutters.

Your gutters can also be threatened by plastic bags, bottles, party plates and other litter that falls off balconies or is thrown by people who apparently conclude your roof is more convenient than a garbage bin.  Rogue tennis balls are another common gutter clogging culprit.

Gutters clogged by litter pose the same flooding threat to your building as gutters clogged by leaves or pests, while removing this debris poses the same hassles and safety risks that accompany typical gutter maintenance.

By preventing litter from entering your gutters in the first place, gutter mesh resolves all the problems, hassles and dangers associated with litter in your gutters.

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Lower your environmental footprint & optimise for rain harvesting

Harvesting, storing and using the rainwater that falls on your building is a great way to lower your building’s operating costs and environmental footprint.

However, leaves, pests or debris in your gutters can reduce the quality of the rainwater you harvest, in some cases rendering it unfit-for purpose.

Even if your water remains usable, increased contamination can put considerable pressure on your pumps and post-tank treatment systems, leading to more frequent problems and replacement.

Gutter mesh keeps most vegetation and debris out of your building’s Rain Harvesting system so you can get better quality water for use in, on and around your property.

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Red Corrugated, ROI

Maximise ROI & protect your capital investment

By selecting the gutter mesh best suited to your building, you’ll enjoy greater Return on Investment (ROI) and years of hassle-free gutters.

Regular maintenance, pest removal, replacing prematurely rusted gutters, increased insurance premiums, repairs for flood – or pest-related damage, business interruption – this is just a snapshot of the costs unprotected gutters can bring.

By minimising all these expenses, gutter mesh offers a significant ROI for both your building and the mesh itself.

It also adds real value to your building from day one.

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Calculate the benefit of installing a gutter guard

Based on 20 years experience and in conjunction with an independent asset management firm we have developed a model showing the potential cost savings over a building lifetime achieved by installing an appropriate gutter guard.

Our model is able to be applied to any building location and uses quantifiable terms including:

  • Cost of maintenance per visit
  • The number of maintenance visits per year
  • Lifespan of the gutter itself
  • Lifespan of the gutter guard

These variables are used to work out generally accepted values for annual maintenance costs in three different scenarios:

  1. Without gutter guards
  2. With gutter guards installed as a retro-fit and
  3. With gutter guards installed at the time
    of construction.

Contact us if you would like us to develop a model for your building portfolio.

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