Enhance the strength and versatility of your gutter mesh.

Pilot Tip Screws

The quickest self-drilling screw for gutter mesh
that provides the greatest retention on a roof or gutter.

Designed based on years of research and listening to feedback from installation professionals, BMCO Pilot Tip Screws have been specifically developed for gutter mesh fastening. These custom-made screws use a tiny, self-drilling tip to create a hole that is much smaller than those produced by other self-drilling screws. This speeds up the installation process and allows the screw’s tapered shank to form an extremely tight fit which provides amazing retention which will last the test of time.

Ptscrew Ksp Butter

Cuts through steel like butter

BMCo Pilot Tip Screws use a specially designed, self-drilling tip to cut through roof sheets and gutters easily. This means quicker installation speed when working with gutter mesh. Suitable for use with any mesh material, Pilot Tip Screws are the best solution for speeding up your installation time while providing amazing retention and longevity.

Ptscrew Ksp Comparo

Best retention of any self-drilling screw

The specially designed, self-drilling tip cuts a much smaller entry point than any other self drilling screw. This allows the tapered shaft to stretch a much tighter hole in the roof sheet. The result is outstanding retention and sealing between the screw and the roof or gutter sheet. Standard self-drilling screws have a cutting tip which is often the same size or larger than the shaft diameter, providing much less retention force when installed in a thin steel sheet. Less retention means a greater risk of leaks between the screw shaft and the hole in the roof sheet or gutter.

Ptscrew Ksp Cad

Custom design from research

Every detail of this screw has been designed specifically for gutter mesh installation. From the self drilling bit, to the body and the head have been developed to speed up gutter mesh installation and provide the greatest long term security. We were unsatisfied with standard self drilling fasteners on the market so we listened to installers to develop, test and create our own self drilling screw.

How it works

The Pilot Tip Screw uses a smaller-than-usual self-drilling tip to pierce a hole in the roof or gutter sheet to speed up installation. The screw’s tapered body then stretches through the remainder of the sheet, providing outstanding retention and sealing.

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