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Why Gutter Mesh

Different gutter mesh solutions match different needs, so understanding your needs is key to selecting the best gutter mesh for your home or building. That means considering factors from your property’s environment, including leaf size, pests, bushfire risk, strength requirements, hail and snow activity, and more.

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Clogged gutters can cause significant and expensive flood damage to your home or building as water backs up and overflows.

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Pests & vermin

Animals in your gutters can wreak havoc to your home or building –especially if they use your gutters as an entry point to your roof cavity.

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Bushfire & ember guarding

Poorly-specified gutter mesh may put your property at risk from bushfire by letting leaves into your gutters or letting embers through the gaps between your guttering and roof.

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Hail & snow

Accumulated hail or snow can damage your gutters and threaten the integrity of poorly-specified mesh.  Hail can also puncture some meshes.

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Rain Harvesting

If you have a Rain Harvesting system, keeping your gutters free of potential contaminants is a key step towards harvesting cleaner rainwater and lots of it.

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Gutter cleaning represents a significant safety risk for home owners and workplaces. Minimising your cleaning requirements will also minimise your safety risks.

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Leaves & leaf size

Leaves that fall into your gutters come in many shapes and sizes.  Vegetation that glides off a well-chosen mesh may pass through or get stuck in less suitable options, so it’s important to consider the size of the leaves in your area.

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Maintenance costs

Installing gutter mesh is a great way to save on gutter maintenance & other gutter-related costs for homes, schools & commercial buildings.

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Rust & corrosion

Avoiding mixing “dissimilar” metals, minimise time of wetness and ensure that you use fit-for-purpose, specially coated steel to manage the risk of corrosion of your roof, gutters or mesh.

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Introducing Mesh Matcher

Every environment and roof is different. Use our Mesh Matcher tool to find the right Gutter Mesh for you.

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