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“Rust” is the well-known name for a common form of corrosion.  It is the result of the deterioration of materials (especially metals) due to a chemical interaction with their environment.

A significant proportion of roof and gutter materials consist of metal, so corrosion is an important consideration when selecting your gutter mesh.  You can drastically reduce the risk of corrosion by:

  • Not mixing different kinds of metals

  • Minimising the total time metal surfaces are wet

  • Using fit-for-purpose, specially coated steel

Rusting Corrugated Sheets

Avoiding Mixing Metals

When two different or “dissimilar” metals are interconnected or joined, rust in the form of galvanic corrosion will occur. Galvanic corrosion can have serious consequences as it can accelerate the process of corrosion for one of the metals involved.

The best way to prevent rust via galvanic corrosion is to avoid mixing metals and always use similar metals together. Think zinc-coated steel gutter mesh and zinc-coated steel screws with your steel roof and you’ve got the right idea.


Minimise Wetness

The proportion of total time that surfaces are wet is known as “time of wetness” (TOW). Atmospheric corrosion occurs when metal surfaces are subjected to frequent wetting by dew, fog or rain, especially if the moisture has an acidic content. Gutters clogged with leaves and debris are bad news for corrosion prevention. Fortunately, clogged gutters can be easily avoided by installing an over-the-gutter mesh with the appropriate aperture (hole size) for your home and location.

Leaves In Gutter 2 Bill Brown 1200x900

Use Fit-For-Purpose, Specially Coated Steel

Galvanised steel, COLORBOND® steel, zinc-coated steel and stainless steel are all examples of specially coated steels that are rust-resistant. However, it is important to choose a rust-resistant steel that is fit for purpose. Avoid mixing dissimilar metals by selecting the rust-resistant steel that is most compatible with your roof and gutter materials.

For further reading on Dissimilar Metals click here.

What about stainless steel?

In and of itself, stainless steel is a rust-resistant material. However, when joined to a roof made from a different material, such as COLORBOND® steel, it can cause your roof to rust prematurely. If you are considering stainless steel, it is important to ensure that the roof and gutter materials are compatible and not dissimilar.

Choosing the correct material type is really important when doing anything on the roof to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Our aluminium and steel gutter mesh products are suitable for most roof types in Australia and New Zealand. However, if you would like advice to suit your roof and situation, you can talk to our gutter mesh specialists on (07) 3248 9600.

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