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Harvesting clean rainwater – and lots of it – is the ultimate goal for any Rain Harvesting system. To achieve this goal, it’s necessary to keep potential contaminants such as leaves, vegetation, pests and pest-related debris out of your pipes and rainwater tank.  And that’s where gutter mesh comes in.

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How it works

Installing gutter mesh is an effective first step in limiting potential contaminants that may otherwise end up in your rainwater tank.

The mesh forms a physical barrier over your gutters that keeps leaves, pests and other debris out, while still letting rainwater in.

This not only helps you to harvest cleaner rainwater – it also helps maximise the volume you can harvest, and protects your post-tank pumps by reducing the volume of sediment in your rainwater tank.

Why keep leaves & pests out?

Leaves, vegetation and pests can all clog your gutters and downpipes, reducing the volume of rainwater that ends up in your tank.

Urine, faeces or carcasses from pests can compromise your water’s opacity, colour and odour – as can leaves and vegetation.

Gutters clogged with leaves or pest detritus can also lead to pooled water that attracts the smallest pests of all, mosquitoes. These pests can seriously affect the health of your entire Rain Harvesting system (and your home, too).

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