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Why leaf
size matters

Not all mesh will keep out all plant matter.

That’s because different species of tree produce different sized leaves, flowers, berries and filaments. So similarly, gutter mesh comes in different apertures (hole sizes). And to match the right mesh, we encourage you to classify the smallest size leaves and vegetation in your gutters and around your home into one of the categories below.


To match the right mesh for your property, you should classify the smallest size leaves and vegetation in your gutters (or around your property) into one of these four categories:  

  • Needles (pine needles or similar) 
  • Small leaves and fine foliage (wattle, jacaranda, poinciana, leopard tree leaves etc.) 
  • Medium leaves (silky oak, gum leaves, gumnuts, etc.) 
  • Large leaves (palm fronds, bamboo, etc.)  

(See more leaf types here.) 

Armed with this information, you can use the table below as a rough guide to identify the right size mesh for your leaves.  

  2mm aperture  4mm aperture  5.4mm aperture 
Needles  Recommended  NB: some needles
may get through
the mesh 
Small leaves  Recommended     
Medium leaves  Recommended  Recommended   
Large leaves  Recommended  Recommended  Recommended 

Alternatively, you can use our Mesh Matcher tool to find the right mesh to suit your leaf size. Mesh Matcher asks six simple questions about your property and environment in order to recommend the best mesh or meshes for you. Use it for free now.  

Why leaves matter 

Leaves are the root cause of many gutter-related problems, including gutter cleaning safety risks and costs, clogged gutters and expensive flood damage, and heightened bushfire risks 

These problems can affect homes, schools, businesses and commercial buildings alike.  

Considering the potentially huge financial and human cost of these problems, it’s easy to see why it pays to invest in gutter mesh to keep leaves out of your gutters.

Leaves In Gutter 1000x667
Gutter Full Leaves

Prevent flooding and reduce cleaning costs and safety risks

Clogged gutters and downpipes can cost you thousands in the event of heavy rain or storms, as water overflows into your eaves and ceiling cavities, onto your verandas and terraces or into your downstairs rooms. In fact, water entering homes from blocked gutters is a leading reason for insurance claims.

As well as the risks of flooded gutters,  gutter cleaning is a dirty and dangerous job. The cost of professional cleaning can quickly add up, while the risk of serious injury or even death from DIY gutter cleaning is uncomfortably high. By installing the right gutter mesh, you can significantly reduce these risks and expenses.

If you have a rainwater tank, keeping plant matter out of your gutters is a big step towards the ultimate goal of having cleaner rainwater and lots of it. Without mesh, leaves can contaminate your rainwater supply or reduce the volume of water flowing into your tank.

Steel and aluminium gutter mesh are both effective to keeping out plant matter so long as the appropriate aperture has been selected.

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