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Your gutters may seem like one of the plainest features on your home or building, but they can actually cost you dearly. Regular gutter maintenance and cleaning can represent a significant ongoing cost for home owners, schools and commercial building managers.

On the other hand, failure to maintain your gutters comes with its own costs, including the risk of expensive flood damage. Even if your gutters are kept leaf- and debris-free, they may still attract animals and pests, with all the associated costs of removal or repair this can bring. However, by installing an appropriate gutter mesh around your home or building, you can keep leaves, pests and other debris out of your gutters to significantly reduce the costs and hassles of gutter maintenance and avoid expensive gutter-related problems.

Leaf Mess on Tile Roof

Calculating your savings

To calculate the savings and economic return that will accompany installing gutter mesh on your building, simply add up the money you spend on gutter maintenance each year, compare this to the cost of installation, and calculate how long it will take for the savings to match your investment.

By keeping your gutters basically debris-free, gutter mesh significantly reduces the frequency at which maintenance is required. For example, if you own a small home that costs you $1,000 a year for quarterly gutter cleaning, installing gutter mesh could cut this expense down to $250 a year. The cost and return for larger homes and buildings is likely to be even greater.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this calculation doesn’t consider the savings you’ll enjoy from preventing expensive gutter-related problems such as clogging, flooding and pest invasion. By taking this into account too, it’s even clearer that installing gutter mesh on your home or building makes good economic sense.

Maintenance savings case study

With an 8 metre high roof and a number of surrounding trees that dropped leaves and debris into its gutters, the multi-purpose hall at Yorkeys Knob State School required professional cleaning once a quarter, costing the school $4,000 a year.

After installing Blue Mountain Co’s steel gutter mesh on the multi-purpose hall, the school was able to significantly reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning – without worrying about the risk of clogged gutters and expensive flood damage. As such, they enjoyed a full return on investment in less than 2 years, with significant ongoing savings in the future.   Download the full Case Study here.

Yorkeys Knob SS

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