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The true price
of pests in your gutters

Animals in your gutters are more than just an annoyance. Pests in your gutters can cause extensive damage, health hazards and serious disruptions to your day-to-day life or business operations. 

These problems are only exacerbated if the animals use your gutters as a convenient access point to your roof and wall cavities. The cost of pest removal and repairing pest-related damage is never cheap, and if you do nothing to stop these animals returning, it’s a cost you’ll pay again and again.  

By forming a physical barrier against pests of all shapes and sizes, gutter mesh helps prevent infestations and ensure you won’t have to pay the true price of pests in your gutters.  

Bird Perching On Roof

Keep pests out of your roof

Uncovered gutters provide an easy entry point into your roof cavity. Gutter mesh keeps possums, snakes, rats, mice, birds and other pests out of your roof cavity to prevent pest-related problems including:

  • Noise (pests running around and using the space as a nest or to raise their young)
  • Mess and destruction (pests leaving droppings, damaging your insulation and internal structure, or even dying and decomposing in your roof)
  • Removal expenses (pests often require specialists to set traps and relocate them)

Stop pests nesting in your gutters & eliminate insect havens

By stopping birds, possums and other pests from nesting in your gutters during the dry season, you’ll prevent blocked pipes and flooding. For homes with rainwater tanks, keeping pests out also helps to prevent contaminated rainwater.

Accumulated leaves in your gutters can lead to pooled water that endangers your home and health by attracting insects, including mosquitoes. Keeping leaves out of your gutters with gutter mesh helps to prevent mosquitoes breeding in this stagnant gutter water and spreading mosquito-borne diseases.

Both steel and aluminium gutter mesh provide an affective barrier to entry of pests and vermin.

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