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Building your kit is a breeze with our Mesh Kit Builder. A quick, and easy-to-follow tool that breaks down the process of building a kit into bite-sized pieces.

Seamlessly build your kit, including mesh type, width and components, with colours tailored specifically to your property.

Superior Bushfire & Ember Guard Protection

2mm Steel Gutter Mesh Kits

Our 2mm steel mesh is ember guard compliant to all BALs (12.5, 19, 29, 40 and FZ), and its fine aperture keeps small leaves and pests out of your gutters.

Enhance the strength of your gutter mesh

Mesh Lock Gutter Trim

The Mesh Lock Gutter Trim’s patented design increases the load-bearing capacity and tear resistance of your gutter mesh. This will reduce the likelihood of your mesh collapsing when heavy hail, snow, animals or debris land on it.

Keep your solar panels free from accumulated materials

Solar Panel Kits

The complete solution for keeping pests and debris out from under your solar panels.

Available in different mesh sizes, these kits come with all components, fittings and accessories required to secure your solar panels from undesirable material build up.

Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh provides protection from bushfires*,
clogged gutters, and will protect
your home from serious damage.

Gutter mesh plays a crucial role in protecting your gutters — and your home.

Installing gutter mesh will help protect your home’s foundations and prevent leaks and waste from entering the interior to cause serious damage.

Blue Mountain Co can offer a wide range of gutter mesh to suit your needs and can provide a solution for any home or building requirements.

Benefits Of Gutter Mesh

Why do I need to install gutter mesh on my home?

Gutter Mesh is designed to block debris and organic elements from entering your gutters and downpipes. Properly selected and installed gutter mesh will provide you with the following benefits:


Leaf and Debris Protection

Gutter mesh stops leaves, debris and other organic elements from clogging up your gutters. This prevention helps to create a clear path in your downpipes to ensure that rainwater can easily flow through them.

bushfire-protection-and ember-protection

Bushfire & Ember Guarding

Gutter mesh prevents the accumulation of debris. Less debris in your gutters significantly reduces the risk of a fire starting due to flying embers from bushfires or a barbeque.


Pests & Vermin Protection

Gutter mesh provides a physical barrier against pests and vermin to stop them from breeding in your gutters.


Strength & Durability

Gutter mesh fortifies your roof to help keep your downpipes intact from hail and snow exposure.


Rust & Corrosion Prevention

Gutter mesh will help to extend the life of your gutters by preventing rust and corrosion formed from moisture present in leaf and debris silts.


Reduced Maintenance

With gutter mesh installed, you will reduce the amount of times that your gutters require maintenance.

Comprehensive Range

Find your ideal gutter mesh

While every roof is different, with our comprehensive range of gutter mesh products we are confident that we can address your needs.

Superior in strength and durability, Steel is our most resilient gutter mesh and is available in three different apertures to keep out a range of leaf types.

It can be installed on almost any roof, and our 2mm steel gutter mesh is also ember guard compliant for all BALs.


2mm, 4mm, & 5.4mm

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Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh comprehensive steel products

Blue Mountain Co 4mm Aluminium Gutter Mesh will provide great protection against large and medium foliage.

Aluminium mesh can provide a good barrier against pests and vermin attempting to enter your roof cavity, preventing wild animals from making your home their home.

Aluminium is an ideal solution for projects where budgets are limited.


2mm, 4mm Ultra, & standard 4mm

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Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh comprehensive aluminium products

Matching Kits And Componentry

Fully inclusive gutter mesh kits tailored to fit your home

We’ve developed an extensive range of all-inclusive kits that include gutter mesh and specifically tailored componentry to provide a gutter mesh solution that’s the ideal match for your home.


Components that match an array of roof types

All of our gutter mesh comes in kit form with colour-matched componentry and screws for an easier and better-looking installation. We have a unique suite of componentry that allows our gutter mesh to be fitted to many different roof types.


Available in an extensive range of COLORBOND® colours

Blue Mountain Co gutter mesh and componentry come in an extensive range of COLORBOND® colours to suit your home seamlessly.
Download our aluminium colour chartDownload our steel colour chart


Custom solutions and expert advice

We can tailor gutter mesh solutions and installation methods for non-standard roofs and gutters to suit your property’s practical and design needs.

Team of experts

Inside Blue Mountain Co

With over 25 years in gutter mesh research and innovation, we can confidently say that we have the experience and knowledge to deliver a solution for your needs. Our in-house design services can provide you with a customised proposition, while our helpful customer support team are available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Our dedicated warehouse team are on hand to dispatch your order quickly so that you can protect your home sooner rather than later.

Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh. Designed for you.


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