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Corrugated Valley
Multi-Pitch Fin

Our patented Multi-Pitch Fin design
allows an over-gutter steel mesh solution
on any corrugated valley with ease.

Individual and highly adjustable, the Multi-Pitch Fin is an ideal solution for steel mesh installations on corrugated valleys.

Here’s how it works

Roof types can have varying pitches and valley angles which mean the use of conventional profiles can impact the fitment of your gutter mesh. The Multi-Pitch Fin is a highly adjustable profile designed for steel gutter mesh installations on corrugated valleys of any angle.

The Multi-Pitch Fin can be fitted to roof valleys of varying degrees and is suitable when both sides of the valley have different angles. It is also suitable for raked gutters where traditional corrugated profiles cannot be used.

When used with 2mm mesh, the Multi-Pitch Fin forms a complete ember barrier at your valleys on a corrugated roof.

With its innovative, patented design, the Multi-Pitch Fin is adjustable to suit all angles – so there is no need to obtain an accurate measure of your roof angle before ordering.

The Multi-Pitch Fin makes it easy to install an over-gutter steel mesh solution on any corrugated valley, so you can enjoy minimal maintenance and an elegant finish for years to come.

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