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Kits and componentry

The unique suite of kits and componentry developed by Blue Mountain Co is the reason our gutter mesh can be fitted to an array of roof types. It’s also the reason our Steel and Aluminium mesh can blend in so easily with your property’s architecture.

The Beauty Of Steel Mesh Profiles Hero

The Beauty of Steel Mesh Profiles

Our steel mesh profiles anchor our Steel gutter mesh onto your roof. Each finger fits into the contours of your corrugated roof, creating a smooth pathway for leaves to slip off and ensuring a handsome aesthetic for your property.

Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh
New 4 Finger Steel Mesh Profiles

The natural form of sheet metal roofs can vary significantly from property to property, due to the influence of environmental factors, the shape and condition of the roof battens and sheets and the installation itself.

With our passion for achieving the most effectively fitted gutter guard to each and every property Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh has designed a shorter alternative to our patented Steel Mesh Profiles for corrugated roofs. This ensures your Steel gutter mesh is secured with strength, ease and a great fit every time even on complicated corrugations by reducing the opportunity for gaps between profiles.

317 Tooth Trim And Short Profiles Rig Install (3)

Mesh Lock Gutter Trim

Increase your gutter mesh strength by choosing the Mesh Lock Gutter Trim.

The Mesh Lock Gutter Trim’s patented design increases the load-bearing capacity and tear resistance of your gutter mesh. This will reduce the likelihood of your mesh collapsing when heavy hail, snow, animals or debris land on it.

Lab testing demonstrated that the Mesh Lock Gutter Trim increased the loadbearing capacity of all our gutter mesh by over 200%.

How it works

  • Mesh Lock Gutter Trim has a series of ‘locking’ teeth, which helps to distribute the load on the mesh.
  • The teeth are angled backwards so that if there is any pulling force of the mesh in the gutter, they lock in.
  • The teeth are positioned at regular intervals, allowing increased points of contact across the gutter. Normally in 1 metre of standard gutter trim, there will be 4 points of contact where the screws fasten the mesh to the gutter, the Mesh Lock pattern increases the contact up to 20 times that of a standard gutter trim.
Corrugated Valley Fin

Corrugated Valley Multi-Pitch Fin

Individual and highly adjustable, the Multi-Pitch Fin is an ideal solution for steel mesh installations on corrugated valleys.

Determining the pitch of a valley can be tricky but with the Multi-Pitch Fin’s patented design, there is no requirement to determine this as it will suit any pitch.

These flexible gutter mesh components allow you to install an over-gutter steel mesh solution on any corrugated valley with ease, so you can enjoy minimal maintenance and an elegant finish.

4 Finger Profile
Mesh Lock Graph

We recommend always installing 4mm Aluminium mesh with the Mesh Lock Gutter Trim as it is the most susceptible to tearing from the gutter fastenings and, therefore, benefits the most from an increase in strength.

Needle Point
vs Self-Drilling Screws

Gutter Mesh
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