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When it comes to choosing gutter mesh for your home or building, hail and snow probably aren’t the first things you think about. However, it’s actually vital that you consider your hail and snow risks in order to choose an appropriate mesh for your location.

During hailstorms, accumulated hail in gutters can cause rainwater to back up and flood your home. By keeping hail out of your gutters, gutter mesh provides protection from this flooding risk.

Heavy hail falling at high speeds can puncture some gutter meshes, while the weight of accumulated hail or snow can cause some gutter meshes to tear. As torn or otherwise damaged gutter mesh can be as bad as having no gutter mesh at all, hail and snow are key environmental factors to consider.

95 Hail On Top Of Mesh On Corrugated Roof 4mm Steel RH A52I4522 N1

Hail in Australia 

Many areas in Australia are prone to hail, with the Great Dividing Range in eastern Australia the most hail-prone region in the country. In just ten years, between 2007 and 2017, the Bureau of Meteorology recorded nearly 1,000 hail storms. Almost half of these occurred in New South Wales and more than a third occurred in Queensland. Similarly, insurance company Budget Direct’s 2013-2014 hail report found that the top five hail-prone cities in Australia during that year’s storm season were in New South Wales and Queensland.  

Hail is a somewhat unpredictable force of nature, but if you live in an area that has experienced hail before, you should consider choosing a stronger gutter mesh that can withstand puncturing and the weight of accumulated hail.  

For help choosing the right gutter mesh for your property’s environment, we recommend using our Mesh Matcher tool. 

Snow in Australia

People don’t often associate snow with Australia, but many Australians do live in snow-prone areas such as the Snowy Mountains in NSW and elevated parts of Tasmania, just to name a few. You probably know whether your home or property is located in a snow-prone area. If you are, you’ll want to ensure you choose a gutter mesh that can withstand the weight of accumulated snow and won’t collapse or tear under the strain. 

To give you an idea: depending on its water content, snow can be surprisingly heavy. A square metre of 10cm deep snow weighs between 10 and nearly 100kg – a pretty significant weight to bear.   

For help choosing the right gutter mesh for your property’s environment, we recommend using our Mesh Matcher tool. 

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