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Clogged gutters -
a hidden flooding risk

Gutters clogged with leaves, debris, nests or even dead animals can present a hidden flooding risk in the event of heavy rain or storms.

With nowhere else to go, water trapped in clogged gutters can overflow into your eaves and ceiling cavities, onto your verandas and terraces, or into your downstairs rooms, costing you thousands of dollars in repair bills. In fact, water entering homes and buildings from blocked gutters is a leading reason for insurance claims.

Because of this, many property owners choose to install gutter mesh to keep leaves, debris and animals out of their gutters so they can avoid the problem of clogged and overflowing gutters and the expensive flood damage that can accompany them.

Image562 large volume of leaf debris- trimdek roof

Flooding costs

For home owners, flood damage can result in hefty repair bills, insurance claim hassles and time-consuming clean ups. Even if the short-term damage seems minimal, there’s the danger of long-term damage to your home’s structural foundations, or serious health problems as a result of damp and mould. You may also face incalculable costs such as the heartache that comes from losing irreplaceable items.

For businesses and other organisations, the financial costs of flood damage may also include lost revenue opportunities from interruptions to business continuity.

Considering the costs and hassle that can come from just one leaf too many in your gutters, it’s easy to see why investing in gutter mesh can pay off. (Just be sure to match your mesh size to your leaves.)

Flooding case study

Large, overhanging trees in a section of White Rock State School created an ongoing flooding problem, as the gutters on a number of buildings were regularly clogged with leaves and overflowed during rain events. This caused significant and costly flood damage each time it occurred. However, as some of these trees were listed with the local council, cutting them down wasn’t a viable solution.

White Rock State School contacted Blue Mountain Co to find a solution to their ongoing flooding problem. After discussing their needs and the buildings’ environment, we recommended that they install our 4mm aluminium gutter mesh.

Since installation, the school’s maintenance manager has reported that they no longer experience any flooding from clogged gutters in these problem areas, leading to significant savings in terms of cost and wasted time. (Read the full case study here)

3 White Rock School Servery

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