Reduced Gutter Clogging & Fire Risk with Gutter Mesh

Reduced Gutter Clogging & Fire Risk with Gutter Mesh

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Bushfire & Ember Guard

The Sunnybank Saints Soccer Club building is overhung by exotic pines from an adjacent property.  

In the past, this led to problems with clogged gutters as significant numbers of pine needles regularly ended up on the roof. In turn, this presented an unacceptable flooding risk each time it rained, as the accumulated pine needles threatened to prevent rainwater from draining away.  

Because the pine trees were not on the not-for-profit club’s property, they couldn’t cut them back. Instead, the club had to undertake regular gutter maintenance. However, this was an unsustainable solution as it represented a significant drain on time and resources. 



Pine needles are a particularly fine form of vegetation, so the club chose to install Blue Mountain Co’s 2mm Steel gutter mesh. This mesh’s fine aperture keeps most pine needles out of gutters to prevent clogging and build-up.  

Since installing the mesh, gutter maintenance at the club has been greatly reduced. Club Management no longer have to worry about pine needle debris every time it rains, and the not-for-profit is better able to concentrate on serving the local Sunnybank community.  

Club Development Officer Terry Crimston was very appreciative in his praise for Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh, reporting that the mesh “solved the problem of gutter maintenance for us”.