A fast and cost effective solution to professional valley protection.

Domed Steel Valley Mesh

A universal valley solution designed
to quickly and easily fit to any roof.

A fast and cost-effective solution to professional valley protection.


Keeps out leaves, debris and pests from entering your valley gutters and under your roof sheets.
Available in a range of widths to suit different valley gutter widths (spacing between the roof sheets).
When used in conjunction with our gutter mesh, it provides a total protection system for your gutter.
Easy to install in any valley (tile or steel roof).
Made from durable galvanised steel mesh which is then powdercoated. This provides a corrosion resistant coating that is available in 30 colours to match your roof.
Available in 915mm lengths which can be easily trimmed to suit your valley length perfectly.

Watch just how quick and easy it is to install Blue Mountain Co Domed Valley Gutter Mesh

How it works

The pinch and drop installation method used on the steel domed valley mesh ensures a secure fit beneath the roof sheets on both sides of the valley. The strength of steel provides long lasting, durable protection for your roof valleys.

Overlapping and joining the domed valley sheets to each other, the ridge cap, and your gutter mesh will safeguard your roof from pollutants and unwelcome intruders.

Dv Guttermesh

Mesh Matcher™

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