Prevent Expensive Pest Damage to Your Home With Gutter Mesh

Prevent Expensive Pest Damage to Your Home With Gutter Mesh

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Keeping Out Pests

It’s never fun to discover you have possums, myna birds, rats, snakes or other pests in your gutters and roof.

And the longer they’re in there, the more damage they can do.

Pest-related damage to your gutters, roof cavity, ceiling and walls can lead to significant repair bills that easily run into the thousands of dollars. Add on the cost of professional removal and it’s clear that pests can pose a particularly costly threat to your home.

But while pest removal is necessary to get possums and other pests out of your home, it does nothing to keep them out in the future. In other words, it treats symptoms, not causes.

If you prefer prevention rather than cure, you need to consider installing gutter mesh to prevent pests from accessing your gutters and roof in the first place.

The risk of pest-related damage 

Pests and vermin can damage your home in a number of ways.

Many of these animals spend time scratching, clawing and gnawing. This can destroy your ceilings and walls, create structural damage, tear and shred insulation so it no longer regulates temperature properly, short-circuit wires and even start electrical fires.

As if that weren’t enough, pests also urinate, defecate, discard food and even die in your roof. This can lead to unsightly staining and foul smells, damaging your home and posing serious health hazards. And that’s still not the end of the story.

Nests, discarded food and dead pests can also clog your gutters and increase your flood damage risk as rainwater overflows into your home. Nests in gutters also increase your home’s susceptibility to bushfire, as they’re often made from highly flammable materials.

How gutter mesh helps 

If you’re serious about preventing expensive pest damage to your home, you need to nip your pest problem in the bud.

One recognised and highly effective way to do this is to install aluminium or steel gutter mesh as a gutter guard over your gutters.

By forming a strong physical barrier over your gutters and the gaps under your roof, gutter mesh keeps animals out of your home. And because all Blue Mountain Co gutter mesh products can withstand Australian pests, enjoying pest-free peace of mind couldn’t be easier.

When selecting pest-resistant gutter mesh for your home, we recommend you use Mesh Matcher. Free and easy-to-use, Mesh Matcher asks 6 simple questions and uses your answers to recommend the right mesh or meshes for you. Try the Mesh Matcher today.