How to Keep Noisy Pests Out of Your Roof With Gutter Mesh

How to Keep Noisy Pests Out of Your Roof With Gutter Mesh

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Keeping Out Pests

Have you ever had the misfortune of dealing with noisy pests such as a myna bird or possum in your roof? 

For anyone who just answered “yes”, chances are you also experienced an involuntary shudder, as memories of sleepless nights and the nightmare of professional removal came flooding back.  

When possums, myna birds and other pests gain access to your warm and inviting roof space, they can cause all sorts of damage and havoc. But while “noise” might not be a problem that comes with a hefty repair receipt, it’s still a serious issue.

Uninvited guests  

Roof cavities are warm, dry and generally human-free – all of which makes them incredibly appealing to native and introduced wildlife including birds, possums, rats, mice and even snakes.

When these pests gain access to your roof space, they often choose to call it home. Similarly, many birds and other animals may choose to nest in your gutters. Even if they don’t take up residence, they’ll usually decide to return again and again.

All of which can seriously disturb your peace and quiet.

Unwanted soundscapes  

Scratching, screeching, gnawing, running, breeding and eating are all less-than-quiet activities pests engage in while in your roof or gutters.

In addition to being downright unpleasant, they can also occur at the most inconvenient of times.  Scampering and screeching animals in your roof are always disconcerting and can disturb you and your family throughout the day. However, when possums or other pests in your roof are having conversations and confrontations in the middle of the night, they also threaten your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

This is particularly problematic because many pests are nocturnal creatures. Dusk is often the time when they come out to play and talk, keeping you and your family awake night after night as they scamper through your roof and engage in other unpleasant activities.

Getting noisy pests out

Professional pest removal can be expensive, but it’s necessary to remove many of the pests who might be calling your roof space home.

For possums in particular, professional pest removal is often required, as many Australian states have extremely strict laws about possum trapping and removal. (We should note that at the time of writing, Tasmanians can still legally remove and even shoot possums.) Aggressive pests such as myna birds can also require professional removal, as DIY removal can be too dangerous.

Considering all the problems pests can cause in addition to noise (including extensive damage, clogged gutters, health risks and more), pest removal is obviously necessary if you have uninvited animal guests in your home. But as with most other things in life, prevention is even better than the cure.

Keeping noisy pests out 

The main way pests gain access to your home is via your gutters – which means your gutters are also the key to keeping them out.

Installing high-quality, over-the-gutter gutter mesh is an effective way to ensure you won’t be disturbed by noisy pests in your home.

When properly installed, over-the-gutter gutter mesh cuts off access to your roof, keeping uninvited animal guests out.

Selecting the right gutter mesh for pest defence 

Of course, in order to be effective, it’s important that you select the right type of gutter mesh for the pests in your area, and install it appropriately to ensure it does its job.

At Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh, we always recommend installing aluminium or steel gutter mesh if you’re serious about keeping pests out of your roof, as these products are strong enough to withstand scratching, gnawing and lifting from pests such as possums or myna birds.

Mesh Matcher 

Blue Mountain Co’s Mesh Matcher tool helps you determine which gutter mesh options are best suited to keeping the pests in your environment out of your roof.  

It’s fast and easy to use, so why not get started with Mesh Matcher now?