In the past, a potent combination of overhanging gum trees, low pitch roofs and large box gutters had caused the gutters on several buildings around the University of Southern Queensland’s Toowoomba campus to become blocked.  

During storms, rainwater was unable to drain from the blocked gutters and so it backed up and inundated the buildings, seriously damaging rooms and equipment.   

To prevent this problem from reoccurring, university maintenance staff were required to climb up on the roofs and clean out the gutters once a fortnight – a significant health and safety risk that made this solution to the University’s flooding problems unsustainable.  


After considering the surrounding environment, roofing materials and gutters on the buildings in question, Blue Mountain Co’s 2mm Steel gutter mesh was selected as the most appropriate solution.  

The mesh was installed on five buildings around the Toowoomba campus to keep leaves and gum nuts out of the gutters.   

Since installing their chosen gutter mesh, the university reported that maintenance requirements were significantly reduced, while the risk of a repeat flooding incident remained low.  

Because staff are no longer required to maintain the gutters nearly so regularly, installing gutter mesh has also significantly reduced the occupational health and safety risks associated with gutter cleaning and working at height.