5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Gutter Mesh

5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Gutter Mesh

by | Oct 12, 2023 | General

Choosing the right gutter mesh for your home is more than just a matter of aesthetics or cost. It’s about safeguarding your home against potential damage from natural elements and unwanted pests. To make an informed decision, here are five things you need to consider.


  1. What size leaves do you have?

The size of the leaves on your property matters. The wrong mesh size can allow leaves to pass through and clog your gutters – which is just as bad as having no mesh at all.

Consider your vegetation. For instance, if you have pine needles or Sheok (0-2mm), a mesh designed for larger leaves will be ineffective. On the other hand, homes surrounded by large-leaved trees like palms or Japanese Maples (50mm+) require a robust mesh to keep debris out.

Take a walk around your property, observe the types of trees, and measure their leaves. This simple step will help ensure that your chosen gutter mesh can effectively protect your gutters from leaf debris.

  1. Do you have any problems with pests?

Pests such as birds, squirrels, or insects can cause significant damage to your gutters. They can nest in them, causing blockages, and some pests may even chew through certain types of gutter mesh.

If you have a pest problem, choose a mesh made from materials that can withstand these critters. A sturdy steel mesh, for example, can deter most pests.

  1. Is your property affected by hail or snow?

If you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall or hailstorms, you need a gutter mesh strong enough to withstand these harsh conditions without tearing or warping. In these circumstances, choosing a high-quality, durable mesh is an investment in the long-term protection of your home.

  1. Are you in a bushfire-prone area?

Bushfire Prone Areas (BPAs) are zones identified as being at risk of bushfires. If your property falls within a BPA, you need to consider a bushfire-rated gutter mesh.

If you are in a bushfire prone area you may need to comply with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). BALs measure the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat, and direct flame contact. You can consult with accredited bushfire consultants to determine your BAL rating, which will guide your choice of gutter mesh.

Remember, even if your property is not identified as bushfire prone, it may still be subject to bushfires. Therefore, taking precautions is never a bad idea.

  1. How important is gutter mesh strength to you?

The strength of your gutter mesh plays a crucial role in its effectiveness and longevity. A strong, durable mesh can withstand the weight of accumulated debris, resist damage from pests, and hold up under severe weather conditions.

While a high-strength mesh may cost more upfront, it provides better protection and requires less maintenance in the long run. So, consider this an investment in the safety and upkeep of your home.


Choosing the right gutter mesh involves careful consideration of several factors. By understanding the specific needs of your property and investing in a quality product, you can ensure that your home is adequately protected from the elements and potential damage. The peace of mind that comes with this knowledge? Priceless.

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