Bespoke & Customised Gutter Mesh

Bespoke & Customised Gutter Mesh

by | Aug 21, 2022 | General

Gutter mesh can reduce maintenance requirements around your home or building, prevent clogged gutters and expensive flood damage, keep pests and vermin out of your roof, and even defend your property against the dangers of bushfire. 

But when you’re designing and building an architectural home or large commercial building, standard gutter mesh options don’t always cut it.   

At Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh, we believe every home and building owner should be able to enjoy the benefits of gutter mesh gutter guards – including if you’re building a bespoke, architectural home or other building.  

So we work with architects, building designers, property owners and others to create custom gutter mesh solutions that complement your aesthetic and creative vision.

We think outside the box gutter (and other types of gutter) to help you address the practical realities of leaves, water flow, pests and bushfire around your home without being constrained by conventional shapes, sizes, colours, contours and angles. These solutions can be applied to any of the gutter mesh in our steel range.

Collaborate at no extra cost 

Our free service gives you direct access to our team of expert gutter mesh system designers.

Whether you need to put gutter mesh on odd angles, attach it to awkward roofing materials, match your mesh to custom colours, or otherwise develop a tailored solution, we can help.

Simply give us a call and we’ll collaborate with you to seamlessly integrate gutter mesh into your creative vision. Not only can we help you develop what you’re looking for, we can also advise you on any factors you need to consider in order to ensure the optimal performance and installation of your gutter mesh.

Custom fixtures 

Our standard mesh componentry and fixtures fit most roof angles and types, but we can also produce custom fixtures to fit your roof’s unique profile or materials. Our custom fixtures are always practical and elegant so they’ll not only secure your mesh to your roof and gutters – they’ll also blend in with your building’s design, lines and shape.

Custom installation  

Sometimes, gutter mesh installations are complicated by your roof or gutter materials. To overcome this challenge, we can test and develop tailored installation methods and materials for your building. This may be necessary if you need to avoid corrosion from mixed metals or facilitate installation on awkward materials such as glass. 


Custom colours 

Colour is often a key design feature and a vital expression of a building’s personality. If our standard COLORBOND® colour palette doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can speak to use about custom mesh and componentry colour options for your custom or non-standard roofing.

Custom sizes 

Where necessary, we can manufacture different width mesh to suit your home’s practical and design needs. For example, you may need wider mesh for wide box gutters or low profile roofs. Because this is an area not every designer is familiar with, we’re happy to advise you on the optimal width for your design, gutters and roof.  


Call us to collaborate today 

Our gutter mesh specialists are available to help you find or design the right mesh solution for your building.  

We invite you to take advantage of this service and give us a call on (07) 3248 9600 today to collaborate with our gutter mesh system designers.