Reduce the Hassle & Inconvenience of Gutter Cleaning

Reduce the Hassle & Inconvenience of Gutter Cleaning

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Money Savers

“I love cleaning my gutters.” 

Said no one ever.  

As every home owner knows, gutter cleaning is a dirty, inconvenient and thankless task.  

It’s also incredibly dangerous, especially if you’re doing it last-minute and with the added stress of an approaching storm or bushfire.  

But with the right gutter mesh for your home and location, you can significantly reduce the hassle and inconvenience of gutter cleaning while still ensuring your home is prepared to best withstand extreme weather events and the threat of rain-induced flooding.  

How gutter mesh helps 

Gutter mesh is installed over your gutters to keep leaves and other debris out, while still letting rainwater in. For sloping roofs, the mesh is angled in line with your roof to create a continuous slope that encourages leaf blow-off and roll-off.

By keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters, gutter mesh ensures you no longer need to clean your gutters as often, reducing the hassle and inconvenience of everyone’s least favourite home maintenance task.

As an added bonus, you’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your gutters are better prepared to deal with the natural challenges that may otherwise inspire frantic, last-minute gutter cleaning.

Advice for optimum results  

Of course, if you want to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters, you need to select a gutter mesh that’s best suited to your home’s location and environment.

Some leaves may slide effortlessly off one mesh, but get stuck in another. Stuck leaves don’t reduce the hassle and inconvenience of gutter cleaning (they may even increase it). So it’s important to consider factors such as leaf size when choosing gutter mesh for your home.  

Mesh Matcher is an easy-to-use tool developed by Blue Mountain Co to help you select the right gutter mesh for your home. It asks 6 simple questions and uses your answers to recommend the right mesh or meshes for you.