Protect your home from hail damage

Protect your home from hail damage

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Protect your building

Severe storms and high rainfall events are the most frequently occurring natural hazards in Australia, with hail events creating the most havoc and destruction. In just ten years, between 2007 and 2017, the Bureau of Meteorology recorded nearly 1,000 hailstorms.

More recently, there were over 44,000 claims lodged with insurers for damages from the Halloween Hailstorms of 2020. This equated to $1.08 billion in claims, with over half of them being attributed to damage to roofs, solar panels, guttering, walls, and internal water damage, and additional contents inside the property as a result.

With the often-quick onset of these severe storms, and the enormous force with which they are hitting our communities and our properties, it is our collective responsibility to be proactive and bolster our property protection requirements against the elements, whether it’s for our families, tenants, or customers.

Hail And Gutter Protection Starts With Gutter Mesh

Hail is not only destructive during the event, but accumulated hail in gutters can cause rainwater to back up and flood your home.

Heavy hail falling at high speeds has the potential to puncture some gutter mesh while the weight of accumulated hail or snow can cause potential tearing. If your gutter mesh rips under the pressure of significant weight and strain, its ability to defend your home can be severely compromised. Damaged gutter mesh can be as bad as not having it at all.

If you live in an area that is prone to weather events, you need to strongly consider the strength of your mesh.

Stronger Is Safer, When It Comes To Hail And Gutter Protection

At Blue Mountain Co, we don’t just want to tell you how strong our mesh is, we want to show you. Every product has gone through rigorous testing that simulates real life scenarios, so we know our gutter mesh holds up when you need it most, and your home is protected.

When a storm arrives, the strength of your mesh is being relied upon for hail and gutter protection. If it breaks, your first safety barrier has already been lost to the elements.

There are two major characteristics to test for when concerning hail and gutter protection during these events – the ability to puncture the mesh, as well as the load bearing capacity for accumulated hail. We have lab tested the puncture resistance by simulating hail impact, as well as load bearing from gradually adding weight to mirror the impact of accumulated hail.

Our steel gutter mesh range consistently demonstrated to be stronger, more durable, and more resistant to punctures, which is vital during the weather event. In addition, steel mesh was proven to be more resistant to tearing, and bear more load, which is crucial when it accumulates during the latter part or after the initial event passes.

When the chips are down, and your property is exposed to the elements, you want steel in your corner and on your roof.

Choosing The Right Mesh For Your Property

Hail and Gutter protection are paramount when choosing the right gutter mesh for your home.

To make this process easier, Blue Mountain Co has developed Mesh Matcher. Mesh Matcher is an easy-to-use tool that asks the right questions to help you determine which gutter mesh products are suitable for your home and environment.

Click here to use Mesh Matcher today and learn which gutter mesh is suitable for your home.

If you want the best Hail and Gutter protection for your home, call Blue Mountain Co today!