Improved Appearance & Reduced Maintenance & OH&S Risks

Improved Appearance & Reduced Maintenance & OH&S Risks

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Roof and Ladder Safety

Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School was committed to maintaining their gutters in order to prevent serious problems such as roof leaks, flooding and water damage.  

The school also believed that poorly maintained gutters would send the wrong message to the world.  

To fulfil this commitment to maintaining the school’s appearance and infrastructure, grounds staff and contractors were constantly required to clean gutters around the school campus. This presented a significant occupational health and safety risk, as cleaning required staff and contractors to constantly climbing up ladders and onto roofs – two of the most risky forms of at-height work.  


After considering the surrounding environment, roofing materials and gutters on the buildings in question, Blue Mountain Co’s 5.4mm Steel gutter mesh was selected as the most appropriate solution for maintaining the school’s appearance and minimising gutter maintenance.   

The mesh was installed on numerous buildings around the school campus to keep leaves and debris out of gutters.  

Clean lines and colour matching ensured that the school’s chosen mesh blended with the roof and gutters for a neat, seamless look.  

In addition to blending in with the school’s environment, the installed gutter mesh has reduced gutter maintenance and upkeep, simultaneously lowering occupational health and safety risks for staff and contractors alike.