Gutter Mesh Colours, Materials & Componentry

Gutter Mesh Colours, Materials & Componentry

by | Jul 22, 2022 | General

Your home or building is one of your most valuable assets, so it pays to take care of it.  

Installing gutter mesh is a great way to defend your home against a number of threats, including flooding, bushfire and more.  

At Blue Mountain Co, we figure that caring for your home or building should look good, too. 

So we offer an extensive range of gutter mesh colours and componentry for both aluminium and steel mesh to help you protect your investment without compromising its aesthetic.  

Best of all, it comes in one easy-to-install kit, so everything you need is right there in the box.  


Our steel and aluminium gutter mesh products are available in a range of popular COLORBOND® colours. These colours match many of the most common tile roof colours used in Australia.  

By matching your roof colour to your gutter mesh, you can protect your home’s aesthetic and enjoy the benefits of a clean, seamless look. All anyone (including you) will notice from the street is just how clean your gutters are compared to the neighbours! 

For optimum results, your chosen colour is applied to your mesh and to the fittings and componentry used to attach it to your roof.  


Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh is available in a choice of two materials – aluminium and steel.  

Our classic aluminium gutter mesh is available with a standard 4 mm aperture (hole size). It can be applied to tiled roofs or flexed to match the contours of your corrugated or Trimdek® roof. Because it’s non-combustible, our aluminium mesh is compliant for use as a gutter guard on new homes in bushfire-prone areas. It’s also strong enough to withstand pulling, gnawing and scratching from most pests and vermin.  

Our steel gutter mesh is hot-dipped, zinc-coated and galvanised for optimum rust resistance. Available in 5.4 mm, 4 mm and 2 mm apertures, it can be attached to all roof types and is suited to a range of applications and environments. All our steel products are gutter guard compliant for bushfire-prone areas, but our 2 mm mesh is also compliant for use as an ember guard in these areas. Our steel mesh’s superior strength makes it ideal in areas prone to hail, snow and falling branches. It’s also pest-resistant.  


All our gutter mesh comes in kit form with the necessary componentry and fittings. This componentry is designed to match the contours and needs of each roof type, maximising the effectiveness of your mesh. It’s also designed to look great.  

Gutter edge trim is necessary for aluminium and 2mm steel gutter mesh. However, it’s also available as a recommended (but optional) extra with other steel meshes.  

Everything else you need for a great-looking installation comes in the box in your chosen (and generally matching) colours. “Everything” means everything – right down to the right screws and stitching screws.