How to Protect & Enhance Your Property’s Value with Gutter Mesh

How to Protect & Enhance Your Property’s Value with Gutter Mesh

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Money Savers

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you own.  

Its value can be clearly measured in monetary terms, but also in less quantifiable ways – such as the value of your home as a place of safety where family memories are made.  

Considering just how valuable your home can be to you and your family, it makes sense to do everything you can to protect and enhance its value.  

Protecting your property’s value 

Market fluctuations, your location and nearby amenities can all affect your property’s monetary value. However, another key factor that influences property value – and one that you have some control over – is your home’s condition.

Well-maintained, undamaged, aesthetically pleasing homes command a premium price compared to “renovator delights”. That’s why it’s important to do all you can to protect and maintain your home and its “look” in order to protect its value.

And that’s where gutter mesh comes in.

The protective properties of gutter mesh  

Properly installed gutter mesh that’s been matched to your property for optimum performance can protect your home from a number of threats, including flooding, pest damage and bushfire.

As a bonus, it can even complement your design aesthetic and assist with home maintenance.

All of which makes the task of keeping your home well-maintained, undamaged and aesthetically pleasing significantly easier.

Protection from flood damage 

By keeping leaves, debris and pests out of your gutters, gutter mesh helps to protect your home’s value by preventing clogged gutters and the expensive flood damage that can accompany them. This provides particular protection during storms and heavy rainfall events that frequently inundate Australian homes.

Protection from pest damage 

If you’ve ever had a possum, bird or other pest gnaw, nest, breed, urinate or die in your roof, you’ll know just how much pest-related damage can hurt your home’s value (and how expensive it can be to fix). By cutting off roof access via your gutters, gutter mesh offers protection from pest invasion and the expensive damage pests can cause.

Protection from bushfire 

In Australia, devastating bushfires are all too familiar. One way to defend your home and its value against this threat is to install 2mm corrosion-resistant steel gutter mesh. This mesh keeps out leaves to limit fuel sources and stops embers entering your home via gaps between your roof and gutters for added protection.

Protection from rust & corrosion 

All materials ultimately corrode, but you can protect your home’s value by retarding the rate of corrosion and rusting as much as possible. By keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters, gutter mesh minimises the time water and other corrosion accelerants are present in your gutters, defending them against rust to protect your home’s value.

Aesthetic “protection”  

Your home’s aesthetic is a key part of its value. To help protect it, Blue Mountain Co Gutter Mesh and componentry comes in popular COLORBOND® colours to aesthetically complement every roof type. Custom colours are also available (for a price) to ensure your clean, well-matched gutters protect your home’s aesthetic value.

Reduced maintenance 

Gutter mesh significantly reduces the maintenance required to keep your gutters clean and unclogged. Of course, no gutter guard system is entirely maintenance free, but the right gutter mesh will protect your home’s value by making it much easier to keep your home well-maintained.



Enhancing your property’s value  

As you can see, gutter mesh provides a significant degree of protection for your home and its value. 

But the benefits don’t stop there.  

As an added bonus, gutter mesh can also help to enhance your property’s value in two main ways.  


The value-adding properties of gutter mesh  

The first way gutter mesh enhances the value of your property is by literally adding value in terms of the value of your mesh materials, fixtures, warranty and installation warranty. Just as a new roof or deck can add value to your home, gutter mesh can too.

Gutter mesh also enhances the value of your property by offering an additional selling point to attract prospective buyers and a higher price. Gutters that require minimal maintenance are a convenience worth paying extra for, and that means enhanced home value.

Match the ideal mesh 

Gutter mesh can protect and enhance the value of your home. But to enjoy these benefits, you need to select and install the ideal gutter mesh for your property.  

Choosing the ideal mesh means considering factors such as your bushfire risk and the size of leaves in your area. To make this process as easier, we’ve developed Mesh Matcher 

Mesh Matcher asks 6 simple questions and uses your answers to recommend the ideal mesh or meshes for your property. Click here to use it today and discover which mesh is best suited to protecting and enhancing your property’s value.